I have developed a detailed outline for a course on urban planning and design. This course provides answers to questions addressed to everyone studying or working in the fields of planning, design, and the review of development projects. This includes those in public administration, urban geography, architecture, and landscape architecture as well as citizens serving on planning commissions and zoning boards or who are elected officials.

This course is built around the chapters of the book, “Planning Connections – Human, Natural and Man Made” and selected papers and publications which I have written. The outline includes an abstract of each chapter and questions are provided to assist the teacher in leading class discussion. For each session there are suggested research assignments and exercises that are intended to help participants understand the connection between ideas in the book and their relevance to the real world around them. Complimentary review copies of the book are available from Author House for the media or teachers considering its use in the classroom.

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Peter Pointer FAICP


 “Readings in Urban Planning and Design” is a compendium of 25 published and 4 unpublished papers I have authored with 115 illustrations. This compendium is available free via 

These readings complete the proposed study plan for a college level 
course in urban planning and design as described on the author’s blog site: 

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